The first Pre-Mold Anterior A.F.O.in the world made by low temperature thermoplastic- SOLIDZONE- a newly developed, innovative product protected by patents. This amazing product is researched, developed and designed since 2005 by a team of Presine Co., Ltd. in Taiwan lead by Larry Lai, who has more than 30 years of experience with related to plastic products manufacturing.
    全球第一個由低溫塑材一體成型的前置式托足板~塑立頌~擁有專利保護的一項新開發且創新的產品。這項矚目的產品是2005年起,由臺灣在塑膠製品製造方面有超過30年經驗的Larry Lai所領導的普麗彩有限公司的團隊,經多年的研究、發展和設計出來的。

    SOLIDZONE polymer material is non-toxic, reusable, and bio-degradable. When immersed in water at 60~70℃, (140~160°F) for about 2 minutes, SOLIDZONE changes to a soft, clay-like consistency where it can easily be shaped and molded into any form. With a 4-15 minutes cooling period at room temperature, SOLIDZONE reverts back to its original strength and can be tough as strong board.
    塑立頌是無毒,可重複使用和生物降解的材料。當浸入60〜70℃(140〜160°F)水中約2分鐘,塑立頌變成柔軟、如粘土的一致性,它可以很容易地用於變形和塑型。 在室溫下冷卻4-15分鐘,塑立頌將恢復其原來的強度,可以堅固如硬板。
    The A.F.O. on the global market today were made by high temperature thermoplastic or carbon-fiber and target patients suffering from stroke, traffic accidents, falls…etc. e.g. 6.9 million people suffer from ischemic stroke and 3.4 million people suffer from hemorrhagic stroke, 20 to 50 million people suffer physical injury from traffic accidents and millions of elderly also sustain physical injury from falls. These patients need A.F.O. to support lower limbs or prevent foot drop but most patients can't obtain sufficient insurance coverage for these expensive devices.
    Despite of the fact that anterior A.F.O. can be made by low temperature thermoplastic into  pre-cut format from flat sheet, the resulting product can still be very weak and easily breakable when used as a walking support. This is because both sides of anterior A.F.O. around the ankle area are only held together by a simple overlap of the sheets.
    Presine Co., Ltd. has several decades of experience and plastic molding expertise, as it is one of the hidden champion in the world for several defensive devices. Our pre-mold Anterior A.F.O. has been awarded a ISO 13485 Certificate and it’s made through an unique molding process, with reinforced areas where Pre-Cut can’t made.
    普麗彩有限公司具有數十年的塑膠成型專業經驗,有幾項防禦器材是全球隱形冠軍之一。我們一體成型的前置式托足板是以獨特的成型技術製造並加強預切片材不能達到的區域,而且獲得ISO 13485證書。
    Our Pre-Mold Anterior A.F.O. can be used for the left or right foot and the device is commonly prescribed to treat mild to moderate symptoms due to:

    Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke) 腦中風
    Peroneal nerve palsy 腓神經麻痹
    Paraplegia 下肢癱瘓
    SOLIDZONE has passed safety tests of Plasticizers and Heavy Metal from SGS.
    SOLIDZONE can be formulated to achieve the desired level of cool off time and strength to satisfy your patient’s requirements for a strong, lightweight Ankle Foot Orthosis, Hand Splint, or Trunk Brace.
    SOLIDZONE offers many pastel colors, such as: lavender, sky blue, sunny yellow, green and it can also be customized to match any color on the Pantone color chart.
    SOLIDZONE comes with different sizes and thickness to fit specific requirements; size options include: letter size, 1ft x 1ft and 18” x 24” with thickness of 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/8”. Special specification for Daily Living Aids also available.
    塑立頌有不同的尺寸和厚度適合您的需要,包括信件大小,1英尺x 1英尺和18“x 24”厚度1/16“,3/32”和1/8“。也有用於日常生活輔具的特殊規格。
    SOLIDZONE has been sold in Taiwan since September 2016 and received very positive feedback!
    We are looking for Distributors to penetrate the US market.

    We are pleased to offer our produce at an affordable price with small quantity for specific client requirements.
    Ingredient Brand Manufacturing is welcomed.
    Use SOLIDZONE for Smart Fit to help each patient's specific need!